AchieveCoin is an altcoin cryptocurrency

Bitcoin codebase

Derived from Bitcoin Gold. With minimum code changes.


Whole new blockchain. No single entity has majority control.

ASIC resistant PoW

Equihash Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm re-enables GPU mining.

Radial Code is a machine-readable coding standard

Belongs public domain

Open source with MIT license. Completely free to use for commercial uses.

Recognizable by human beings

The structure of Radial Code is familiar and human-readable in some degrees


Unlike QR Code or barcode, the Radial Code shapes like natural object. It creates new frontier for product visual expressions.

Scrip products

The cryptocurrency for ordinary people

AchieveCoin project does not stop with cryptocurrency or Radial Code. We will create paper and digital products. We will alliance with distribution networks. The goal is let customers access AchieveCoin and other cryptocurrencies without the need for smartphone or internet.