The AchieveCoin Block Explorer

block explorer

We’re pleased to announce our Blockchain Explorer:

This is a fully functional AchieveCoin blockchain explorer instance and web application serving API. It runs on a full AchieveCoin full node and is hosted by the AchieveCoin.

What is Blockchain Explorer?

A Blockchain Explorer is a website that lets you explore the blockchain:

  • See the blocks that have just been added to the chain, when they’ve been mined, etc.
  • Look up a previously mined block to see what transaction are included in it.
  • Look up a transaction, to see what amounts were sent, and between what addresses.
  • Look up a wallet address, to see what the balance is, and the history of transactions to and from that address.
  • And generally explore your way around the whole blockchain.

What is API?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a crucial component of blockchain-related services, including wallets and payment services. Our new explorer gives free public access to a well-known and well-developed API, which developers can use to write and test code. This makes it easier for developers of all kinds to integrate ACH into existing projects, or to make new projects.

The team has put considerable time and effort into making sure this Explorer will remain stable and reliable – ours are backed by redundant servers and hosted in multiple global locations. In short, we’re treating it like the important piece of infrastructure it is. We know that when people start building projects that rely on our Explorer, they want to be sure it remains available.

Open Source

Lastly, we’ve made the full source code for the explorer available for others to see and use. This is important because anyone running enterprise-class systems that rely on the API will want to be able to run their own servers to manage the load and the security. (Developers of large-scale products who need access to a High-Availability instance are invited to reach out to us; we can assist with solutions and/or guide them in standing up their own environment.)

Happy Exploring!

AchieveCoin Team

Written on March 1, 2018